Jones Ice-cream on the Berlin Belly Podcast


Sorrysorrysorry the website and podcast has been quiet over the winter. Berlin winter does that to you. Very excited to be back and with a new episode of the Berlin Belly podcast to share: Gabrielle Jones of Jones ice-cream is our first guest of 2016!

IMG_2273 copy

Gabrielle is a talented pastry chef from France who’s been establishing her amazing ice-cream in Berlin for the last two years. You’ve no doubt tasted Gabrielle’s delicious ice-cream and coveted her super cool ice-cream truck if you’ve been to Bite Club, Neue Heimat or other events where Jones ice-cream has served up scoops of deliciousness.

Gabrielle has some exciting news to share, as well as explaining what makes Jones ice-cream stand out, and how she came to be an ice-cream maker in Berlin:

IMG_2288 copy

IMG_2286 copy 2



One thought on “Jones Ice-cream on the Berlin Belly Podcast

  1. Great interview guys.
    Great to hear Gabrielle’s back story after following her on instagram for the past year, she’s been super helpful in giving me advice on design for my ice cream van


    Scott Kilmartin
    Restoring a vintage ice cream truck in Melbourne Australia!


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