Marie-Louise Crona – Okay Café – new podcast episode

What do we want? CINNAMON BUNS! When do we want them? …Every day at Okay Café except Mondays, #dayoff! As part of my ongoing series documenting the talented women of the Berlin food world, on this latest episode of the Berlin Belly podcast we meet Marie-Louise Crona, aka Makki, chief baker of Okay Café in Neukölln, Berlin!

Listen in to hear how Makki progressed from baking for friends to baking full-time for Okay Café since opening earlier this year – and exactly how many thousand cinnamon buns that means…


Makki steps out of the Okay Café kitchen for a giggle and sunlight break


Vegan options at Okay Café – iced coffee and chocolate cake. YES.


Custom made Okay Café poster by artist Sergio Membrillas


Makki made this Cinnamon Bun especially for you!


You can pick up bags of TK’s Amazing Homemade Muesli, too


This chocolate peanut butter cake is vegan and delicious and has a caramelized bottom!


Delicious lemon, blueberry and white chocolate cake


Overnight oats if you’re feeling healthy – haha. HAHA. Ha.


Okay Café bun schedule – different flavours every day in addition to the the famous cinnamon! 


Thanks Marie-Louise!



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