Berlin’s Best Boozers

Berlin is a historical city, that goes without saying. Tucked away down cobblestone streets, in the far reaches of Wilmersdorf – and actually quite close to my own home – are some kneipe’s that leave any bustling modern joint in the shade. Come with me as we visit the best boozers in Berlin:

IMG_4055 copy

Zur Letzten Instanz in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg stole a little piece of my heart, with it’s beautiful draught taps, tiled stove seat (hundreds of years old, bears the faint impression of Napoleon’s arse) beer garden and beautiful antiques dotted around. It boasts the claim of Berlin’s oldest bar, dating back to the 1600s. I can’t wait to come back and have dinner here (while I was inside shooting, the waitress turned away more than one group that spontaneously showed up – and that was a Tuesday. Reservations advised.)

IMG_4058 copy

IMG_4103 copy

IMG_4111 copy

IMG_4117 copy

My other favourite was Wilhelm Hoeck – a kneipe in Wilmdersdorf dating back to the late 1800’s, chock full of locals having their usual at 2pm in the afternoon. If walls could talk, you wouldn’t get a word in. They also have a cosy looking restaurant adjoining the bar which I look forward to coming back to for a visit.

IMG_4386 copy

IMG_4401 copy

IMG_4409 copy

Clärchens Ballhaus in Mitte – an institution in Berlin, of course. More of a ballroom than a boozer, but plenty of boozing has been done in these halls.

IMG_4292 copy

IMG_4197 copy

IMG_4219 copy

IMG_4246 copy

Bar Lebensstern above Cafe Einstein in Schöneberg – everywhere you turn, there’s booze, and Henny Porten’s solemn visage reminding you of the tragic history behind the building.

IMG_4318 copy

IMG_4333 copy

IMG_4339 copy

IMG_4342 copy

IMG_4345 copy

IMG_4354 copy

Prater is well known as the go-to beer garten in Prenzlauer Berg: it dates back to 1837 and if you step inside the Gaststätte, you can check out some of the old original white ceramic beer bottles bearing the name “Kalbo” from the original owner who brewed his beers on site in the late 1800’s:

IMG_4421 copy

IMG_4425 copy

IMG_4430 copy

I delved into these historical Berlin bars which survived WWII and lived to tell the tale, for Tales of the Cocktail – you can read the full piece here.


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