Testing: Take Eat Easy

[Update: Take Eat Easy General Manager in Germany Christoph Kraemer sent out an email yesterday that Take Eat Easy DE will no longer be available as of October 1! ]

I prepare most of my own meals, and am a big champion for cooking at home. However, I stumbled upon a €10 discount code for Take Eat Easy, which seems to be a fairly new food delivery service in Berlin – offering dishes from “quality restaurants” in your hood. They claim to be ‘reinventing food delivery’ and their service is also available in Belgium, France, UK and Spain.

I first tried to place my order a couple of week agos, but stumbled at the payment process because an old phone number was still attached to my bank account (if you choose ‘Sofort banking’ to pay, as I did, a TAN will be sent to the number attached to your bank account).

Screen Shot Take Eat Easy

I IMed with Felix here, who was very nice and reassuring, and I did aplogise for being a bit stupid. (Fyi, the customer support prompt on their website is in both German and English – I could have attempted German here, but in my moment of hunger-stricken panic, I chose English. Cut to yesterday, working from home and hungry, I wondered if that discount code still worked. (Yes it did).

The selection for my neighbourhood looks pretty good, including Com Á, Piri’s, Lê Lê and Gloria. Com Á caught my eye and I’ve heard people praising the food there, so I chose two dishes.

Take Eat Easy use bike couriers, and the funny thing is that as your delivery time slot approaches, you get a text that you can track your delivery, literally watching it live as it gets closer and closer:

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 13.50.13

I order No. 1 :1 Kappa Maki, 1 Salmonskin Inside Out, 2 Sake Nigiri, and No. 5: 1 Baked roll with salmon, 1 Kappa Maki, 2 Ebi Nigiri. This is what it looked like when it arrived – rather nice, vibrant and colourful.

5412 edit

Unpacked and laid out on a nice plate, still looking good:


Get a load of that salmon skin…


Everything tasted very fresh and delicious, but I didn’t quite get the addition of an avocado and tomato salsa on the side, even though it was yum.

Of course all of this was too much for one person, there was more than enough for lunch, and supper later on. Using the discount code this order was €13.70 including the delivery. It was quite a nice experience so I thought I would share it here.

See what restaurants are working with Take Eat Easy in your neighbourhood.



This post was not sponsored by Take Eat Easy, I simply enjoyed the experience ordering from them and wanted to share it.


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