Katie’s Blue Cat Opens Online


KBC_CP-Chutney-TOC-1400x1260    KBC_CP-GingerBeer-1400x1260

The delightful coffee shop and bakery especially popular for it’s home-made granola and anglo-american style in-house baked goods served up in a beautiful interior  – unless I imagined it, I had an amazing moon pie there a long time ago, that I still think about sometimes – is now open for business online, with a beautifully designed new website. Ngoc Duong and Olivia Wood opened Katie’s Blue Cat in Neukölln in 2011.



Since then they have been baking daily, using original English, American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand recipes. The smell of cinnamon and butter, raspberries and coconut or almonds and chocolate wafts out the door at all times. There is always something coming out of the oven.



I love the range of products, which includes ginger beer syrup, tomato chutney (pictured above) and of course that crunchy almond granola. At Katie’s Blue Cat the emphasis is on providing an array of options, including vegan, gluten free, and even reducing the sugar content in their baking, without compromising the taste.

KBC_Mood-DI-ATC_01-1018x1400 KBC_Mood-CP-CTOC_01-933x1400 KBC_Mood-CP-GB_03-933x1400

Katie’s Blue Cat is a beacon in the dark Berlin Winter: I’ve often traipsed there on a cold and dreary day for a fix, even having my hands full with an unruly German Shepherd, I couldn’t help walking out with a steaming coffee in one hand and something delicious to go with it. And now you can order from home – cookies, coffee, granola, even a gift box which includes a selection of goodies.

This is not a sponsored post, I’m just a big fan of Katie’s Blue Cat and am delighted to see they launched an online shop! Orders are baked and shipped on the same day, and Katie’s Blue Cat use energy from renewable sources including their CO2 neutral postal delivery. Yay!


All photos courtesy of Katie’s Blue Cat


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