1 Year of Thelonious Bar!


Laura Maria Marsueschke and Keith Corwin

This Friday and Saturday Thelonious Bar in Neukölln is celebrating 1 year of serving up delicious cocktails with a smile.  There’s a party weekend planned, with the main party happening on Friday night. Word on the street (or FB invite) indicates there will be snacks if you get there on time!

IMG_7044   IMG_7090

I recently spent a joyous afternoon shooting some cocktail preparation at Thelonious with owner Laura Maria Marsueschke, and bartender Keith Corwin. (Keith documents his cocktail endeavours on instagram under “Berlin Cocktails“, highly recommended you give him a follow). Thelonious is all about house-made infusions, some of their handmade concoctions include walnut infused bourbon, mango infused rum, tonka bean infused vodka, chili infused campari, coffee infused sweet vermouth, coffee bitters, lapsang-souchong syrup, red wine-pastis syrup, mango syrup, espresso syrup.



Some of the most popular drinks at Thelonious Bar include the „Pannonica“ – “A great woman and best friend of Thelonious monk”, Laura says. The Pannonica features gin, rosemary, chocolate liqueur, lime, cranberry juice and bitter chocolate. Also quenching cocktail thirsts is the ‘Black Fashioned’, “an old-fashioned with a twist: Japanese whiskey, blackcurrant liqueur and homemade coffee bitters.”

Here’s a few further menu items to whet your appetite:

Thelonious Bar Winter Menu

Rentier royal (plum brandy, sweet vermouth, pimento liqueur, walnut bitters, plum)

Tumult am nordpol (orange-cinnamon-infused dark rum, red port wine, homemade scotch syrup, orange bitters)

A forest (sherry amontillado, bourbon, sugar, herb liqueur, pimento liqueur).

Prost! Happy Birthday Thelonious Bar!


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