Spice Spice Baby + 100 Burgers – Burp Podcast Episode 4

This week on Burp, it’s our fourth (!) episode of the Berlin Belly podcast, and I have two guests!

In part one I speak with Louise Dunkhase, owner and Head Chef of Spice Spice Baby, who launched her international cuisine on the Berlin street food scene this summer with distinctively spicy Jamaican Jerk dishes – chicken, plantain, rice ‘n peas, as well as a thoughtful vegan option!

10-IMG_2207 copy
The “Rum Shaker” vegan burger by Spice Spice Baby

In part 2 of this week’s podcast my guest is Laura Cherrygrove, an artist in Berlin who is releasing a new conceptual art book, “100 Burgers”, a visual record of many burger meals in Berlin. Souvenir? Map to burger treasure of Berlin? You decide.

IMG_5375 copy

Find out what’s inside and check the link to the book release party!

Thank you to Flux FM studios where we record the Berlin Belly podcast every week! fluxfm.de


Bite Club Summer 2015

Bite Club is one of the ultimate summertime hangouts for food-lovers, sunset-lovers, on-a-boat-lovers, cocktail-lovers. When Bite Club winds down for the season, it brings a chill to the spine: the summer season of Bite Club’s riverside food trucks is already over – Winter is coming.

1-IMG_2230 copy

Badeschiff in the distance

2-IMG_2194 copy

Maria Maria Arepas

3-IMG_2168 copy

Sweet potato fries from the Wiener Schnitzel Truck

4-IMG_2268 copy

Pignut BBQ ribs

5-IMG_2200 copy

Bunsmobile Burgers

6-IMG_2159 copy

Bourbon Dogs “Daddy Mac”

7-IMG_2263 copy

Upper deck of the Hoppetosse

8-IMG_2245 copy

Girl in a dirndl

10-IMG_2207 copy

Spice Spice Baby Rumshaker Vegan Burger

11-IMG_2280 copy

JONES ice-cream

12-IMG_2313 copy

The Spree view

13-IMG_2157 copy

Bite Club Bar

14-IMG_2335 copy

Sundowner – cheers!