Bite Club Summer 2015

Bite Club is one of the ultimate summertime hangouts for food-lovers, sunset-lovers, on-a-boat-lovers, cocktail-lovers. When Bite Club winds down for the season, it brings a chill to the spine: the summer season of Bite Club’s riverside food trucks is already over – Winter is coming.

1-IMG_2230 copy

Badeschiff in the distance

2-IMG_2194 copy

Maria Maria Arepas

3-IMG_2168 copy

Sweet potato fries from the Wiener Schnitzel Truck

4-IMG_2268 copy

Pignut BBQ ribs

5-IMG_2200 copy

Bunsmobile Burgers

6-IMG_2159 copy

Bourbon Dogs “Daddy Mac”

7-IMG_2263 copy

Upper deck of the Hoppetosse

8-IMG_2245 copy

Girl in a dirndl

10-IMG_2207 copy

Spice Spice Baby Rumshaker Vegan Burger

11-IMG_2280 copy

JONES ice-cream

12-IMG_2313 copy

The Spree view

13-IMG_2157 copy

Bite Club Bar

14-IMG_2335 copy

Sundowner – cheers!


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