Make Your Own: Flatbreads

These flatbreads are a gorgeous fluffy and bubbly bready side dish, ideal for dipping in a curry or seasonal soup, or slathering with hummus as I chose to do.

The glory of this recipe is that it’s equal parts yogurt and flour. Yogurt? YOGURT! Really? Yassssssss! Easy to remember, easy to get your mise en place all mised up.


Go big or go home, so:

500g plain flour*
500g yogurt
1 sachet baking powder (16g)
Pinch of salt

Add baking powder and salt to flour in a large bowl. Add yogurt gradually, mixing well as you go. Once all the ingredients are mixed together in the bowl, flour your hands, shape the dough slightly and turn out onto a floured surface. Knead for a minute, just to bring it all together (the kneading required for yeast bread not required here!). This dough makes about 15 flatbreads (I like them about hand-size). It’s handy if you cut the dough in half, then cut each half into about 7-8 pieces.

*As we are in Germany, self-raising flour is a rarely spotted species. So add a 16g packet of baking powder to the 500g plain flour as a replacement. If you live somewhere with easily accessible self-raising flour, use it, and enjoy that luxury my friend.

Turn your griddle on to medium-high (or if you don’t have one, a heavy bottomed pan as I used). Roll out each flatbread to about hand-size, and use a knife to cut a few lines into the dough. Give each flatbread a couple of minutes on the heat for each side in the pan/on the griddle. You don’t need to add any oils etc here. It won’t stick, I promise! You’ll notice the bread poofing up and developing bubbles and gorgeous bihha char.


For next-lev flatbreads, toast some garlic in olive oil in a seperate pan for a few minutes. Take the oil off the heat once the garlic is golden. Chop up a bunch of parsley and mix it through the oil. Brush your flatbreads with this garlicky, herby unctious oil, and then rub your belly with glee.


One day I wondered if a flour and yogurt flatbread could me made, and lo I found Jamie Oliver’s recipe. It calls for self-raising flour, and uses a slightly less amount of flour. I also opted for oil instead of butter for the additional add-on slathering.


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