Watermelon Salad Bowl

IMG_2374 copy

We’ve all carried a watermelon at some stage. This time, carry that watermelon with pride, you’ll be putting together a delectable summer salad (and perhaps cocktails for two).

Watermelons are awesome because i) they are watermelons and ii) you can use them as the serving bowl!!!!! How cool is that. We like that.

This salad couldn’t be easier. Assemble your ingredients:

IMG_2367 copy

These anniversary bottles of Bertolli olive oil were on sale at the supermarket. Straight into my basket.

IMG_2374 copy

Watermelon (that you carried). Halve, scoop out the flesh, and chop it into bitesize pieces.
Red onion
Dressing: olive oil & fresh lemon juice
Optional: freshly crushed black pepper

Chop, crumble, drizzle and mix everything together. Transfer to the now hollowed-out watermelon and serve up.

IMG_2393 copy

IMG_2384 copy

You can basically eat this for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Great as a side dish if you’re serving meat, I had a large bowl for lunch. Next time I’ll try this with baked halloumi.

Of course, there’s that watermelon juice. When you’re scooping out the melon, drain off the juice every now and then, you’ll have enough to share a glass with your honey. Or have two glasses for yoself. (With a splash of vodka or prosecco, if you fancy).

IMG_2398 copy

Watermelons are still in season so carry one home today!


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