Inner City Greens – Botanical Garden Blankenfelde

Growing your own food and sourcing local products like honey and err, cake is easier than you think in Berlin. Imagine a place just a short bike ride from the bustling Eberswalder U Bahn station where you can:

Bask in vast fields of wildflowers,


Wander down laneways of apple trees,


Enjoy fallow deer nibbling grass gently from your hand,


Learn about beekeeping and take home a jar of Pankow honey,


Pay a visit to the cactii,


Grow over 25 varieties of vegetables and herbs on your plot to take home,


And eat a slice of home made cake?


That place is the Blankenfelde Botanic Garden!




Only a 30 minute enjoyable bike ride from U Bahn Eberswalder, and you’re there. The Botanischer Volkspark Blankenfelde-Pankow dates back to 1909 and was a fruit and vegetable garden during both world wars. These days it’s a public park with a coffee shop, community garden, apiary and deer park – aka heaven. The first week I discovered the park I couldn’t get enough and visited three times.

The Bauerngarten community garden in the middle of the Botanic Garden is a wonderful initiative where you can rent a plot for a year – and you get to take home over 25 varieties of veggies and herbs during the growing season. The team provides you with seedlings, young plants, compost, manure, tools and advice. You can also just come to buy plants if you already have a garden.


We collected some fallen apples (not sure if this was naughty or not) and bought a jar of Pankow honey from Café Mint – the botanical garden coffee shop with a beautiful range of homemade cakes. There are beekeeping courses on weekends starting again April 2016.


Photos and text © Elizabeth Rushe 2015


2 thoughts on “Inner City Greens – Botanical Garden Blankenfelde

    1. Hi Talya! Great, I hope you like it as much I do. Even though it doesn’t feel like it today, the weather looks like it will pick up in the next week. A tip from experience – the lovely Café Mint is only open Friday to Sunday. Enjoy!


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