Kombucha Berlin Society – Burp Podcast Episode 1

Burp is the weekly podcast brought to you by Berlin Belly, featuring interviews with interesting people doing exciting things with food and drink in Berlin!

In our first episode we meet Audie and Lucy from Berlin Kombucha Society – a new drinks company based in Berlin offering small-batch seasonal fruit and veggie flavoured kombucha: it’s raw, it’s naturally bubbly, it’s stored in stylishly designed glass flip-top bottles, and it’s likely stocked in a café in your kiez.

The Burp podcast is hosted by Elizabeth Rushe. Now repeat after me: a symbiotic-colony-of-bacteria-and-yeast!


Look for the Berlin Kombucha Society bottle next time you reach for a beverage in your local caff.


The vibrant colour of this apple & blueberry kombucha by BKS

IMG_2705 copy
Audie and Lucie of Berlin Kombucha Society


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