BRB: Gone fishin’ in Morocco

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Hello there,

Deep-fried crunchy thanks to everyone who has read, and listened to, Berlin Belly since we launched just a little over a month ago. OW!

Me myself, in the last month I also started an intensive German course, threw myself into full-time freelancing and launched this here website and podcast.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Morocco on a work mission: I’ll be updating the Travelettes instagram and twitter while I’m there, with everything from camel rides to henna tats, Berber villages, camping in the desert and lots more #tagine

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Über den Tellerrand – Burp Podcast Episode 6

This week for episode 6 I’m joined by Hadi and Anja from Über den Tellerrand, a charitable organisation in Berlin which aims to improve the integration of refugees in German society, through social projects like cooking glasses, community gardening, tandem exchanges, dance workshops, a cookbook and lots more.

Anja is in charge of “Champions Management” at Über den Tellerrand (champions are volunteer project coordinators – you can be one too!), and Hadi is a refugee from Aleppo in Syria who has been in Berlin for 5 months. Through Über den Tellerrand, Hadi has taught Syrian cooking classes during his time in Berlin.


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Fräulein Kimchi + BrewDog – Burp Podcast Episode 5


Episode 5 of the Berlin Belly podcast is in two parts. Part 1: Fräulein Kimchi! Part 2: Brew Dog!

Every week is Berlin food week on Berlin Belly, but now there is an actual Berlin Food Week, so we are delighted to be speaking to Lauren Lee aka Fräulein Kimchi , who is taking part in Berlin Food Week, this weekend at the House of Food on Friday October 2nd. Tickets here.

This week on the podcast, Lauren talks with Elizabeth about the food journey which led from Lauren’s arrival in Berlin as an opera singer, to her new restaurant, also called Fräulein Kimchi, which opened in Berlin last month. Viva la kimchi!


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Berlin’s Best Boozers

Berlin is a historical city, that goes without saying. Tucked away down cobblestone streets, in the far reaches of Wilmersdorf – and actually quite close to my own home – are some kneipe’s that leave any bustling modern joint in the shade. Come with me as we visit the best boozers in Berlin:

IMG_4055 copy

Zur Letzten Instanz in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg stole a little piece of my heart, with it’s beautiful draught taps, tiled stove seat (hundreds of years old, bears the faint impression of Napoleon’s arse) beer garden and beautiful antiques dotted around. It boasts the claim of Berlin’s oldest bar, dating back to the 1600s. I can’t wait to come back and have dinner here (while I was inside shooting, the waitress turned away more than one group that spontaneously showed up – and that was a Tuesday. Reservations advised.)

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Testing: Take Eat Easy

[Update: Take Eat Easy General Manager in Germany Christoph Kraemer sent out an email yesterday that Take Eat Easy DE will no longer be available as of October 1! ]

I prepare most of my own meals, and am a big champion for cooking at home. However, I stumbled upon a €10 discount code for Take Eat Easy, which seems to be a fairly new food delivery service in Berlin – offering dishes from “quality restaurants” in your hood. They claim to be ‘reinventing food delivery’ and their service is also available in Belgium, France, UK and Spain.

I first tried to place my order a couple of week agos, but stumbled at the payment process because an old phone number was still attached to my bank account (if you choose ‘Sofort banking’ to pay, as I did, a TAN will be sent to the number attached to your bank account).

Screen Shot Take Eat Easy

I IMed with Felix here, who was very nice and reassuring, and I did aplogise for being a bit stupid. (Fyi, the customer support prompt on their website is in both German and English – I could have attempted German here, but in my moment of hunger-stricken panic, I chose English. Cut to yesterday, working from home and hungry, I wondered if that discount code still worked. (Yes it did).

The selection for my neighbourhood looks pretty good, including Com Á, Piri’s, Lê Lê and Gloria. Com Á caught my eye and I’ve heard people praising the food there, so I chose two dishes.

Take Eat Easy use bike couriers, and the funny thing is that as your delivery time slot approaches, you get a text that you can track your delivery, literally watching it live as it gets closer and closer:

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 13.50.13

I order No. 1 :1 Kappa Maki, 1 Salmonskin Inside Out, 2 Sake Nigiri, and No. 5: 1 Baked roll with salmon, 1 Kappa Maki, 2 Ebi Nigiri. This is what it looked like when it arrived – rather nice, vibrant and colourful.

5412 edit

Unpacked and laid out on a nice plate, still looking good:


Get a load of that salmon skin…


Everything tasted very fresh and delicious, but I didn’t quite get the addition of an avocado and tomato salsa on the side, even though it was yum.

Of course all of this was too much for one person, there was more than enough for lunch, and supper later on. Using the discount code this order was €13.70 including the delivery. It was quite a nice experience so I thought I would share it here.

See what restaurants are working with Take Eat Easy in your neighbourhood.



This post was not sponsored by Take Eat Easy, I simply enjoyed the experience ordering from them and wanted to share it.

Spice Spice Baby + 100 Burgers – Burp Podcast Episode 4

This week on Burp, it’s our fourth (!) episode of the Berlin Belly podcast, and I have two guests!

In part one I speak with Louise Dunkhase, owner and Head Chef of Spice Spice Baby, who launched her international cuisine on the Berlin street food scene this summer with distinctively spicy Jamaican Jerk dishes – chicken, plantain, rice ‘n peas, as well as a thoughtful vegan option!

10-IMG_2207 copy
The “Rum Shaker” vegan burger by Spice Spice Baby

In part 2 of this week’s podcast my guest is Laura Cherrygrove, an artist in Berlin who is releasing a new conceptual art book, “100 Burgers”, a visual record of many burger meals in Berlin. Souvenir? Map to burger treasure of Berlin? You decide.

IMG_5375 copy

Find out what’s inside and check the link to the book release party!

Thank you to Flux FM studios where we record the Berlin Belly podcast every week!

Berlin Coffee Festival

Did you notice a more jittery general public over the last few days? Last week the first ever Berlin Coffee Festival took place: here are some impressions from the market which was held at Markthalle Neun on Sunday. Lots of Berlin’s favourite coffee folk were there – Blaue Bohnen, Five Elephant, The Barn, Bonanza Coffee. There was also something different on offer: my highlights were the Prana Chai tea, and the “Coffee IPA”, a collabeeration (sorrynotsorry) between the Barn and Heidenpeters Brewery.

After paying the 5 Euro entry fee, you could have a taster at any, if not all, of the stands. Much coffee. Much much coffee. Slices of Five Elephant cheesecake were flying out the door, as well as Oma Marnie’s Pies.

















Entretempo Kitchen Gallery – Burp Podcast Episode 2

Burp is the weekly podcast brought to you by Berlin Belly, featuring interviews with interesting people doing exciting things with food and drink in Berlin!

This week it’s our second ever episode, and we are talking to Tainá Guedes and Thomas Meyer from Entretempo Kitchen Gallery in Berlin.

Entretempo’s kitchen is lead by chef and artist Tainá Guedes, author of the book “Kochen mit Brot” (cooking with bread, recipes against waste) and CEO/curator at Entretempo. Tainá has come a long way since she arrived in Berlin for a job which fell through – what happened next? Lots!  Find out in this week’s Berlin Belly podcast:

I recently attended a special evening of dance, music and food at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery: during the podcast we’ll talk about an upcoming dinner performance event at Entretempo with a similar theme, you can find out more here.

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The Best Pizza in Berlin

…comes out of your own oven!


Sironi Bakery in Markthalle Neun not only offers delicious pizza, focaccia, ciabbata, maritozzi, and giant loves of freshly baked bread – but did you know you that at the Sironi counter you can also pick up bags of Italian flour to take home and make your own? Last week I bought a kilo bag of their Italian 00 flour to make pizza. Bonus: at the time I didn’t even realise, but it’s organic as well.


Pizza is pretty simple:

1 kilo flour (this will give you about 6-8 pizza bases)
1 tablespoon salt
2 sachets of yeast into 650 mls of room temp-ish slightly warm water
1 tablespoon honey (or you can use sugar. Some people say honey adds colour and crunch to the crust (I agree). Try it!)

Add the tablespoon of honey and 2 sachets of yeast to the water, mix and allow the yeast to get busy for a few minutes.
Empty your flour into a large bowl with tablespoon of salt mixed through. Start adding the yeast mixture to the flour, mixing with a fork as you go. (You can use a flat work surface if you have ninja flour handling skills, but I’m too messy so I use a bowl.)

Flour a clean work surface and turn your dough out of the bowl. Knead the heck out of your dough for about 10 minutes. Daydream about eating pizza to help pass the time. Words that describe what you’re looking for: smooth, elastic, springy. This takes about 10 minutes to achieve, and your dough won’t rise if you don’t knead it for long enough, so hang in there! Stretch the dough away from you, stretch it between your hands, turn, repeat. After kneading, place the dough in a large oiled bowl, cover with a clean teatowel and leave somewhere cosy (no draughts please) until the dough has doubled in size – at least an hour.


Omg gigantic dough pet! Turn your dough out onto a clean work surface and divide it into 6-8 pieces, shape each into a ball. How many pieces you cut your dough into, depends on what size pizzas you like. Freeze some for another day, or use them all fresh if you’re having a pizza parrrrrrty.

Flour each ball of pizza dough and cover with clingfilm, leave to sit for 20 minutes. Crank up the oven to VERY HOT (I set mine to 250 C, it never seems to quite there, but it tries). Put your tray in to heat up, which helps with cooking the base. Use pizza stone as per instructions.

Now flour your work surface and rolling pin and roll out your pizza bases to desired thickness. Transfer the base to the pizza stone or tray.

For tomato sauce:

1 tin tomatoes (organic if you can, there is a difference in zinginess, taste and brightness of colour)
3 cloves garlic
salt, pepper
olive oil

Using a blender, blend the tomatoes and garlic together and season with salt and pepper. Don’t cook the pizza sauce, it will cook on top of the pizza, and the taste will be much more vibrant (plus you save time and pots).

Slather the tomato sauce on to your pizza, add whatever toppings you like. Roll over the edges of the pizza base to create a little border to stop toppings oozing out the sides.


Pop it into the oven and keep an eye on it, can take 12-15 minutes at 250 C (my oven).

Of course, nothing compares to the real thing. You’ll still find me queueing for my fix of a Sironi Margherita slice. I only hope you try to make your own pizza sometime, it’s fun, it tastes great, you save money, and time.

Breaking down the cost, I think the Sironi flour was around €3.50, the organic tinned tomatoes were about 80 cents, and mozzarella 55 cents. You could make four good size pizzas with those toppings, and have 4 bases stashed in your freezer for a rainy day. You can also use organic bread flour (type 405) to make the pizza base, which you can find in supermarkets here for about €1.

Bite Club Summer 2015

Bite Club is one of the ultimate summertime hangouts for food-lovers, sunset-lovers, on-a-boat-lovers, cocktail-lovers. When Bite Club winds down for the season, it brings a chill to the spine: the summer season of Bite Club’s riverside food trucks is already over – Winter is coming.

1-IMG_2230 copy

Badeschiff in the distance

2-IMG_2194 copy

Maria Maria Arepas

3-IMG_2168 copy

Sweet potato fries from the Wiener Schnitzel Truck

4-IMG_2268 copy

Pignut BBQ ribs

5-IMG_2200 copy

Bunsmobile Burgers

6-IMG_2159 copy

Bourbon Dogs “Daddy Mac”

7-IMG_2263 copy

Upper deck of the Hoppetosse

8-IMG_2245 copy

Girl in a dirndl

10-IMG_2207 copy

Spice Spice Baby Rumshaker Vegan Burger

11-IMG_2280 copy

JONES ice-cream

12-IMG_2313 copy

The Spree view

13-IMG_2157 copy

Bite Club Bar

14-IMG_2335 copy

Sundowner – cheers!